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Brentford, London, UK

I lived in Shepards Bush, then Chiswick, then Brentford for 14 years. Its pretty much full of unused warehouses and factories and swimming pools, and of course the famous golden mile/great western road

Growing up being surrounded by so many great buildings was wonderful, but seeing them boarded up, and being knocked down however was not. The famous Lacozade sign was the last thing i saw go, which upset me a great deal. My mum used to see it whenever she drove into London growing up, and I would see it every day going to school, or when driving down the M4 back from work or from somerset

here are some photos of local buildings

I'll post some images of Chiswick soon, and the old cinema (best shop ever... if you have loads of money.. however i can buy similar stuff in france for almost nothing]

Feel free to add me.
My journal is just photos of amazing buildings, interiors, furniture. lots of nice things like that..
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