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i really liked the sky in this one.

very cold bay...it was snowing.

yeah, i'm a fan of the sky...mostly clouds.

more sky.

i love this bend in the river.

kinda spooky.

the mountains. that yellow building is my friend's father's fireworks stand. :0p

cooool clouds.

eagles nests. the little blobs above the nests are eagles.

this doesn't look like much, that water is the nooksack river. BUT from where i took the pic, you are not supposed to be able to see it. :0p

and this was the result of that...niiiice. it turned my under 15 minutes drive to my parents into an hour long HEADACHE!!! hahaha. every way i tried to go was flooded. :0/

this is from the other side. that sign at the left, is the double arrow sign at the end of the road in the previous picture.

a hawk. there are so many hawks and eagles aorund here. i've yet to get a good eagle pic though. :0{ soon. they are out like crazy in the summertime on the beach. the seaguls will swoop down, pick up clams (or oysters) fly up, drop it then go down for the meat. and sometimes the eagles will beat them to it. *lmao*

after all that rain, we finally had a beautiful day.

lummi island.

my favorite bend again.


mt. baker, and the twin sisters. can't wait for a clear day to get a good pic. :0}

...and lastly...

i was on the way to pick up my son, and saw this calf on the side of the road grazing on the grass in the ditch.

it's a slow(er) road, but i was still worried about it. so i drove to the nearest house and let them know. they weren't the owner, but they called him. by the time we were on our way home the calf was back in the fence, and the man was leaving.
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