Lithium and Red Wine - formerly Ambien Dreams (bacchuslives) wrote in views_from_here,
Lithium and Red Wine - formerly Ambien Dreams

Christ Episcopal Church, Cooperstown NY

Consecrated in 1810, James Fenimore Cooper is buried in the
churchyard, more information here:

The Back of the Rectory viewed across the churchyard

The Chapel

The church's humble exterior belies a stunning interior featuring several
Tiffany stained glass windows

Chapel, viewed through the churchyard

Endeavoring to be creative...

Apparently the "empty" space in the churchyard close to the road isn't empty
at all, but are unmarked graves of poor parishioners and freed slaves

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rectory..sounds like a dirty word.. rectory.. (from the movie "keeping the faith").

I love the "creative" picture !
I'll have to catch that movie sometime :)
It's not really a "good" movie, more like a chick flick, but I love it!
I like chick flicks... I decorate and I cook...Amy thinks I was gay in a past life.
One of my teachers thought I was Hitler in a past life...
I like the chapel shot : )
Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!
I agree, the chapel one is cool!
Thank you!